And yet something else completely different

Marian Hambly joined the Choir a few years ago in the sopranos, joining her uncle, Graeme Richards, who has sung bass with us for many years.  Graeme of course had a long career as a singer and music teacher.  However, Marian’s artistic interests are somewhat different.

Marian’s career was as a clinical psychologist, but she has always has maintained an active interest in the visual arts.  During a career break whilst raising children, she took an arts degree, and ran a print-making studio.  On retiring from clinical psychology, she has researched and written a number of film screenplays.

Most recently, Marian took a post graduate degree in film-making at the Australian Film, Theatre and Radio School, during which she directed the production of a documentary about the Manly Pool, a feature of the beach by the Wharf from 1931 to 1974.  Many Choir members will have happy memories of the pool.  There will be a day dedicated to memories of the pool during this year’s Manly Arts Festival (click here for more details).  There is currently a move sponsored by some Northern Beaches councillors to have it restored.

Marian describes how the film came to be made, and its enthusiastic reception by both audiences and industry professionals, in this article.

To watch the film itself, click here.