Sonnet to the Altos

Our thanks to Pat Hughes who found this delightful poem by Kay Barker of Cambridge, UK, featuring the Altos of every choir.

It’s tough to be an alto when you’re singing in the choir,
The sopranos get the twiddly bits that people all admire.
The basses boom like trombones, the tenors shout with glee,
But the alto part is on two notes – or, if you’re lucky, three.

Oh! Shed a tear for altos, they’re martyrs, and they know,
In the ranks of choral singers they’re considered very low.
They are so very ‘umble that a lot of folk forget ‘em;
How they’d love to be sopranos, but their vocal chords won’t let ‘em!

So when the final trumpet sounds and we are wafted higher,
Sopranos, basses, tenors – they’ll be in the heavenly choir.
While they sing ‘Alleluia!’ in celestial flats and sharps
The altos will be occupied with polishing the harps.