From the President

The Fortieth Anniversary concert, Classical Celebration, has to rank as one of the best that we have ever performed, and quite clearly the audience thought so too.

There is an unbelievable sense of elation after such a performance – partly relief that it has gone so well, partly the high of being on the receiving end of so much audience adulation, but mainly the buzz that you get from making great music. Only those that have experienced it know how it feels.


The challenge of course is then to return to the routine and rigour of weekly rehearsals, starting to learn new work, often from scratch, and over the months bring it up to performance standard. The programme for the Christmas concert is very different to the grandeur of the Mozart and Beethoven pieces that we’ve just done. It’s a more intimate music, with a smaller chamber-style orchestra, but just as difficult to do it well. Every piece that we’re doing has a reference to Christmas, and I’m sure that the audience will enjoy it every bit as much as the last.

Roger Pratt

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