Mozart’s Requiem

Carlos has asked that we acquaint ourselves with not only the music but also the story behind Mozart’s Requiem so that we can sing it with due meaning and full expression.  This page has links to a number of resources to assist in the task.

For a translation of the text, click here.

To listen to a recording conducted by John Eliot-Gardner, click here.

For the individual practice material in Dropbox, click here.

For a summary of how the Requiem came to be commissioned, written and completed , based on material from the four detailed sources below, click here.

  1. For the Wikipedia entry on Mozart, click here
  2. For the Wikipedia entry on Requiem Masses, click here.
  3. For the Wikipedia entry on Mozart’s Requiem, click here.
  4. For a detailed article on commissioning, origin and completion of Mozart’s Requiem, written by the scholar Walther Brauneis, click here.