New Risers for MWC

When you arrive for rehearsal at the Cardinal Cerretti Chapel this week, you will notice some new risers either side and in front of the altar.

There are two risers each side with space for fourteen sopranos and fourteen altos, arranged in two ranks on each riser, four people at the rear and three at the front.  There is also a riser in front of the altar for three tenors and three basses.  There are guardrails around the risers.

These risers are a first step to having more comprehensive arrangements capable of accommodating 80 to 90 choristers standing, and 80 to 90 seated.

We hope that we have got the fundamentals sorted in this arrangement, but realise that we may not have got everything right.  Your comments would be very welcome in helping to design the full arrangement.  Click here to send your feedback.. Thank you.