Limelight – the article

How did the article in the December issue of Limelight Magazine come to be?
Naomi Roseth tells the story of the article’s genesis and realisation.

Limelight Magazine is the monthly publication of ABC Classic FM.  I love it and read it each month virtually from cover to over.

When earlier this year Classic FM announced that this year’s ‘Countdown’ would be devoted to choral music, I wrote to Clive Paget, Limelight’s editor suggesting that he do a feature on community choirs in Australia.  I envisaged a substantial article, featuring Australian choirs with ours getting a mention.  Clive responded immediately, saying he liked the idea but the magazine was full for the next few issues. He suggested I get back to him in September.  I did and he responded saying that he was still interested but the magazine is now full until some time next year.  I e-mailed back asking whether he was serious about it.  Delaying was OK but I didn’t want to be fobbed off every few months.  “No” he said.  He is serious.  So we left it at that.

And suddenly out of the blue in October Clive sent an e-mail asking me to write a 700 words piece about our Choir for the November/December issue.  He gave me two weeks to do that.  I wrote something, ran it past Roger and Richard.  Clive asked me to send an early draft, to see whether I was on the right track.  He liked it but suggested that I try and put our choir in the context of others.  He accepted the second version and asked for a photo. I sent him several to choose from and heard no more.

Journalists are known to say they will publish something and then something more important or interesting comes up and the expected piece is ‘bumped off’.  So it was with surprise and great thrill that I opened my copy of the December edition to find the article occupying a full page on the Manly Warringah Choir – no sharing with other choirs.  Just us.

I read on.  At the end of the Magazine there is a ‘What’s on’ section.  And here another surprise:  An SSO concert is listed, then a Pinchgut opera and then Manly Warringah’s ‘Celebrating Christmas’ concert with all the relevant details.  Free publicity with perfect timing.

It has been a pleasure to work with Clive Paget.  So in return I will do an ad for him:  Buy or better still subscribe to Limelight.  It’s a real good, informative read about the music/art scene in Australia.

Naomi Roseth

Click here to read the article – but do not forget to buy a copy of the Magazine when it is published on November 30th.