The Joy of Posting Posters

Enjoy  Posting Posters!        (… especially the large A3 size ones ! )

Some thoughts and suggestions:

Like all new activities, this definitely gets more enjoyable with practice!

  • Choose display windows where there already are posters – eg for Moscow Circus, any local event or activity– even adverts, for example for yoga, horse riding lessons etc! If the shop owner accepts those- he/she will probably accept ours.
  • Approach shops where you are a customer – eg drycleaners, butchers etc. In smaller shopping centres, one is more usually welcome, as one is a ‘familiar local face’. After a couple of concerts, I find “regulars” are pleased to see me and have a chat!
  • Be polite and friendly, and be prepared to accept a negative – don’t take it personally- if they don’t want to have our poster – that is their prerogative- offer them a small postcard invitation anyway – depending on their initial response! Wish them well etc.
  • Avoid stereotyping- eg –“ they wouldn’t be interested- they are too old, too sporty” etc. Give everyone the opportunity to attend our great concerts! Consider you are doing a social service – not “selling” – they don’t have to “buy”, but they have a right to know about what we offer.
  • This last approach can bring lovely surprises – eg the young fellow in a Queenscliff cafe – not likely.. – turns out he loves classical music, is Colombian and is now looking forward to the concert! At the end of a day in a pool supply shop.. I’m sure the woman just wants to get home. But when she saw the poster, her face lit up- “I love classical music- especially Chopin, – and would love to go to a Mozart concert.”  We enjoyed talking about both composers and then clambered around the pool supplies to find an optimum window space for the poster.
  • When posting behind glass- put 2 posters back-to- back, so that they can be viewed from both inside and outside the shop.
  • Types of shops to approach: cafes, restaurants, pizza places, bakeries, butchers, drycleaners, Laundromats etc. Individually owned shops tend to more receptive than franchises, which are often limited by “company policy”.
  • The A4 poster size is good for inside communal notice boards– eg at Community Centres – but if you see other large posters there, and there is space- put our large ones up – also some Coles and Woolworths, have such boards. Respect other postings.
  • Don’t be discouraged if the posters are taken down– if in a public space- wall, hoarding etc – hopefully they have been seen before being removed. If in a shop- either ask for it back or simply don’t go there again!
  • Always carry postcards with you – you can hand them to interested viewers or leave on bench space if the shop owner has space or is receptive. The extra info is often welcome.

                                       Have fun! May you have lots of pleasant surprises!

(Ps- if you want to let me know where you have put posters – my email is, but this is not essential – it just gives me an idea of which areas have been covered).