Weekly Bulletin for 16 March 2018

Hello Choir,

Here is the bulletin for Friday, 16 March.


A the next rehearsal Carlos is planning to work on the ‘Requiem’ from the beginning to ‘Lacrimosa’.  He also plans to return to ‘Regina Coeli’.


Here is a reminder of the forthcoming rehearsals:

Thursday, 29 March: Regular rehearsal (a day before Good Friday)

Thursday, 26 May:  Rehearsal with the soloists

Wednesday, 2 May: Rehearsal with the orchestra in the big hall, CPPS

Thursday, 2 May:  General rehearsal at Cerretti Chapel

A Carols conducted concert:

Plesas see the attached flyer.

Tickets and publicity:

There are now 100 tickets left.  We are doing well but an effort is still required to sell those 100 seats.  Be mindful that we could sell out, so tell your family/friends to take action.

Australia Remebers Celebration:

This annual ceremony, requiring some 15 Choir members,  will take place on Friday, 1 June from 9.45 to 12.00 at North Head.  We will circulate a registration schedule shortly.

Casual attendance at rehearsals:

Roger raised yesterday the matter of people attending rehearsals on a casual basis.  Below is the policy which the Management Committee adopted at its meeting last week:

“From time to time people join in rehearsal because of their ‘love of singing’.  They do not wish to join the Choir on a permanent basis, or to pay subscription fees.  We should not accept people on that basis.  While we are a ‘community’ choir, we are not a ‘sing-along’ choir.  Our rehearsals are enjoyable and instructive but they are always designed to prepare the choir for a concert performance.  People should be welcome to join if they are prepared to commit to this purpose, regularly attend rehearsals and pay the annual fee and the weekly registration fee.  Allowing people to attend rehearsals on any other basis would reduce the standards of our performances.  It also raises an insurance cover issue.  Those joining for sing-along purposes should be gently explained the purpose of our Choir and perhaps directed to a choir that is more suitable for their needs.

The above should apply to new members only.  Regular, paid members who have paid their fees wish at times to attend rehearsals even though they know that they won’t be singing at the concert.  They should be welcome to do that.

From time to time Choir members have guests – family members or visitors, mostly from overseas, who wish to accompany the Choir member in order to ‘witness their host’s passion’.  These are one off events.  Such visitors do not expect to sing or to join the Choir.  They usually attend one or two rehearsals only.  These guests need not pay a registration fee and should be made welcome.”

Clearly, we are talking here about two distinct cagegories:  people who come to rehearsals for a sing-along purpose and people who are one-off guest, accompanying Choir members.  However, as there is concern within the Choir about this issue, Roger and I talked about this matter after the rehearsal and felt that rather than take up valuable rehearsal time, we should place this matter on the AGM agenda.  Obviously, if you feel like raising any issue with any of the Committee members before – please do so.

That’s all for today.  Listening yesterday to the music and to Carlos’ vision of Mozart’s greatness I felt that we are so priviledged to rehearse and perform this piece.