Weekly Bulletin 19 May

Hello Choir,

Here is the bulletin for Friday 19 May.


Carlos did not actually specify anything but I am sure he would like us to get on top of all that we have done and even explore what is ahead.

Rehearsal fees:

The fee that you pay each rehearsal goes towards covering the cost of running the Choir – a cost that keeps escalating.  Please remember that when you are absent from a rehearsal, its cost does not diminish.  While it is not compulsory, we ask that you pay the fee for missed rehearsal(s), either before or after your absence.  Many thanks.

Australia Remembers concert:

You can still join this event at North Head on 26 May at 9.30.  It is a prestigious event and an opportunity to show case our Choir.  For details and the music, see Richard at the next rehearsal.

Derek Davies:

Our much loved violist, Derek Davies, passed away.  The funeral details:  Monday, 22 May at 1.00pm at St Matthews on the Manly Corso. 

Friday Bulletins:

Along several other Choir members, I will be absent from rehearsals in the next few weeks – five weeks in fact, for me.  In my absence Richard will produce the Friday Bulletins but he will not e-mail it.  He will post it on our website, in the ‘Members Information’ section.  You will find looking at our website, and in particular reading Richard’s Reflections, a rewarding experience.

That is all from me for a while. We are facing an amazing experience.  Representing the Choir in that distinguished venue singing that sublime Brahms music is an awesome challenge.  But with all that, I for one, will miss the Choir and look forward to my return.