Weekly Bulletin for 22 September

Hello Choir,

Here is the bulletin for Friday, 22 September.


Carlos asked that for the next rehearsal we study thoroughly the last three choral movements (nos. 7, 11 and 12).  He also plans to go over the entire piece and then turn to the Coronation Anthems.

Carlos quote:  “You have got a lot of work!”

Magnificat translation: 

I am attaching a translation of the Magnificat.

A big Choir:

Our numbers have swollen.  That is a good thing but as you know, space at the Chapel is limited and even the school is becoming somewhat squeezy now.  So if you have women friends who still want to join, please ask them kindly to return next year.  Different story for men – call me sexist, but they are still welcome!

Missed rehearsal:

Here is a reminder:  although it is not compulstory, we ask that you pay for missed rehearsal(s).  The rehearsals incur a cost whether you are there or not.  Those costs are rising and we now barely cover them.  We will assess the situation and if need be will raise the rehearsal fee next year.

Social evening:

Yesterday and for the next couple of weeks Judy will circulate an attendance sheet for the social evening at Dee Why RSL Club.  The cost is $65 for a three course alternate drop menu and a glass of wine.  


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U3A Rock Orchestra:

See the attached for a new Harvey Broadbent interesting initiative.

A hot weekend coming up.  Stay cool.