Weekly Bulletin for 17 November

Hello Choir

Here is the bulletin for Friday, 17 November.

I think that we would have to agree with Carlos:  yesterday’s rehearsal demonstrated that we have a lot of work to do!!  He wants us to work thoroughly on the carols.  The ‘Magnificat’ requires further polishing.  And I am sure Carlos would not like us to neglect the ‘Coronation Anthems’.  Busy week ahead!

Concert program:
This is the order of both concerts:
Schubert Symphony (no Choir involvement but we are sitting on stage right from the beginning)
The King Shall Rejoice
Zadok the Priest

  • The First Nowell (with audience) – verses 1, 2, 3 and 6.  Page 323 in the Carols Book
  • Shepherds Pipe Carol
  • Lord of the Dance
  • Veni Veni
  • Carol of the Bells
  • Jesus Child
  • O Come all ye Faithful (with audience) – verses 1, 2 and 6.  Page 226 in Carols Book

Music handling:
No need to cover the ‘Magnificat’ book.  Almost all of us have a nice blue version.  The carols and Coronation Anthems are to be enclosed in black.
Copying the carols might be a good idea.  A bit of work but a much lighter load during the concert.  If you do copy the carols, you may return the book to Pam.

Forthcoming dates – again:
Thursday, 23 November:  rehearsal with the soloists.  They start at 7.00.  Please come in quietly.
Tuesday, 28 November: rehearsal with the orchestra, at the large hall.
Thursday, 30 November: last general rehearsal at Cerretti Chapel.
Saturday, 2 December at 7.30, be there at 6.30: First concert
Sunday, 3 December at 4.00, be there at 3.00:  Second concert.
Thursday, 18 January: Rehearsals resume.

Tickets and publicity:
Sunday concert is sold out!  Selling out more than two weeks before the concert is a record for us.  This is fantastic for the ambiance and the coffers.  But we can’t rest on our laurels.  There are stil some 100 tickets that need to be sold for the Saturday concert.  Posters are still available for distdribution.  I will try and divert all inquiries I receive for Sunday to the Saturday concert.  We all need to do that.

Manly Carols singing:
This yearly event will occur on 7 December.  They are particularly short of men.  Heard that before?  If you wish to participate, find the details in the Council’s website.

Lost carols:
elga has left copied carols on the registration desk and they disappeared.  She did not have her name on them but if you mistakenly took them, please  let Helga know: helgabonello41@hotmail.com

St Mary’s Singers Christmas concert:
The St Mary’s Singers invite choristers to join them in carols singing on Sunday, 24 December at 7.30.  For more information,including registration information, go to the Notice Board page of the website. For inquiries:  chrissiegoldrick@gmail.com.

And finally…
Enjoy doing your homework!  But first go to our website ‘News’ for some delightful insights into a Verdi ‘Requiem’ performance in which some of us participated.  Wish I was there!