A message from our President

8th December 2016.

Hello fellow choristers

I’m just about back to earth following the amazing concerts last weekend.

In the lead up to these concerts we have had a number of concerns – slow ticket sales, the difficulty of the music, the logistics of the staging. Following our relatively poor performance at the Tuesday night rehearsal my concerns deepened, but after the Thursday rehearsal I began to feel that a miracle was happening. Then the triumph of our two performances, which provoked standing ovations on both occasions, led me to believe that we may just be capable of anything. We have certainly set the bar that bit higher.

I encourage you all to go to read Richard’s blog in the News section. I couldn’t sum it up better.

It was of course a bittersweet occasion. The spectre of Alexandra’s illness hung over us, and we may all have tried that bit harder because of that.

It has been an emotional time in the past week or so. I want to share with you the outcome of the collection that we have held to assist Carlos in this very difficult time for him. The total donated, which includes donations from the orchestra, stands at just below $17,000 dollars. In addition to that there have been donations sent directly to him rather than through the choir account. That account will be closed from tomorrow and all proceeds given to Carlos. Each time that I clicked on to the account over the past days and saw first hand the overwhelming generosity of our members made me realise just what an extraordinary group we are. That generosity demonstrates not just the love and esteem that we have for Carlos, but that we are a genuine community who pull together to achieve the impossible. I feel very proud to be associated with such a group, as I’m sure you all do.

I want to thank the committee members who worked so hard to bring about the wonderful result of the concerts, and also the many people who work quietly behind the scenes to make it a success. And of course I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm, commitment and generosity, and to wish you all the very best for the coming festive season.

See you next year.




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