The Art of Fugue

Towards the end of the 2021 Lockdown, our President, Naomi, asked Carlos if he would like to share his love of the musical form the fugue with Choir members.

Carlos obliged.  In a conversation with Richard Griffiths he described how fugues developed, how they work and how to listen to them.

He then went one step further, and wrote an original fugue for the Choir which he called “A Happy Escape”.  It is indeed a cheerful piece, and the designation “Escape” reflects the dual origin of the word “fugue” from two Latin words meaning to follow and to flee.

Click on Carlos and the Fugue to read the conversation between Carlos and Richard.

To listen to “A Happy Escape” press the play button in the connection below.  To follow the score, first click on A Happy Escape Score – the  music will appear in a separate tab which you can keep up while the music is playing.

To read Carlos’ description of his fugue, click on A Happy Escape.

Carlos has made a potentially dry subject very approachable.  Following the links above is not only instructive – it is hugely enjoyable.