So you are thinking of joining the Choir

As at July 2022 there are vacancies in all voices except Altos.  Please note that numbers in the Choir are limited by performance space constraints.

The following information will help you to understand the procedures for joining the choir and becoming a full member.  This summarises information held In more detail in various website pages. 

Background   The choir was formed in 1975 as a community choir bringing classical choral music to the northern beaches area. Over the years it has grown in size and improved in standard of performance. Whilst we do not audition new members, we do perform to a very high standard and expect all members to be able to follow a musical score and to accurately hold a note and a tune.

We typically perform three major concerts each year and rehearse each Thursday evening in Collaroy Plateau.

Joining the Choir  As said above, we do not audition new members. However, there is a two week trial period where you will be singing alongside an experienced chorister who will seek to ensure that your pitch and voice meets the standards we expect. That trial period will also enable you to decide if the choir suits your own expectations.

Music scores will be loaned to you for those two rehearsals and should be returned at the end of the rehearsal. If you wish to retain the music during the trial period for practice at home you will have to pay the music bond (see below).

After the two rehearsals you may apply to become a full member. Details of that process will be given at the time. If accepted you will then be required to pay the annual membership fee of $90 ($70 for pensioners) and a music bond of $30 (refundable if you subsequently leave the choir).

Rehearsals   Rehearsals are held throughout the year other than a break over the Christmas and New Year period. We meet at 7:30pm each Thursday at the Collaroy Plateau School, Plateau Road, Collaroy Plateau. Rehearsals finish at 10.00pm.

Once you have paid the Music Bond you will be able to borrow the scores for the music we shall be performing. There may be a rental fee of $10 for some music. You are encouraged to mark up your music with directions from our Musical Director but only in soft pencil.

There is a rehearsal fee of $8 payable at each rehearsal.  Please note that the rehearsal fee is payable even if you miss a rehearsal as the expenses have to be covered regardless of the numbers attending.  This fee may be paid as a lump sum at the beginning of each term.

Concerts  Traditionally the choir gives three concerts each year – in May, August and December. These are accompanied by a professional orchestra and are always sell-out performances. The choir has an enthusiastic and loyal following!

In recent years, concerts have been held at the Cardinal Cerretti Chapel in Manly, where the ambience and acoustic suits the nature of the music we perform.  This venue is currently unavailable.  The concert in July 2022 will be held at St John’s Church Dee Why.

In addition we occasionally join other groups for additional performances.

Commitment  The choir has built a reputation of performing to a very high standard. To achieve that standard requires complete commitment from its members. Members are expected to practise the music at home between rehearsals, using the learning aids provided.  In addition, whilst we recognise that occasionally members take holidays or may be ill, we do expect you to attend all rehearsals.

However, the payback for that commitment is enormous. The pleasure of performing such glorious music is stimulating to mind and body, and you can add to that the social benefit of being with like-minded people. It is a very rewarding experience.

We hope you will join us and enjoy sharing the love of great music with us.

Click here to contact the secretary, Roger Pratt.