Bulletin for 30 November

Hello Choir,

Here is the bulletin for Friday, 30 November – this may well be the last one for the year.
We have tried to negotiate parking space for Saturday on the Chapel ground but were not successful. I am really sorry about that but other than a few suggestions below, there is nothing I can do.  To maintain our good relationship with the College and Chapel management, it is very important that we do as we are told so please, don’t try and get in there (unless you need to unload a disabled person or equipment, and then get out).  I want to clarify a point:  hiring the Chapel does not include the right to park in the grounds.  Parking there during our concert times is a favour, not a right.  We want to maintain this favour.
I may not be telling you things you have not thought about yourself, but here are some options:
  • Car pool as much as you can.
  • Sharing taxis or ubers among four people could be an affordable option.
  • Bus no. 135 leaves Warringah Mall at 16.19 and 17.9 via Manly Vale and Manly Wharf.  It gets to Manly Hospital at 16.43 and 17.43.  There would be no service at the end of the concert but to get to the public transport near the Wharf is down hill!
  • If you have friends/family attending, negoriate with them to get you there early and wait for the school car park to open.
  • Try your luck around the Manly Hospital.
I can’t think of other options.  If any one can, please let me know.
The water we provide is for the audience, not the Choir or Orchestra.
Hallelujah again:
Carlos may decide to do the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus at the end of the concert again, as an encore.  The soloists will join us only at that second time round.  We all know it by heart, so no need to fumble to find it again, but just in case you don’t, mark page 171 in your books.
Reminders, again:
Be there on Saturday by 6.30 and Sunday by 3.00.  On Sunday with a plate of finger food.  Be seated by ten minutes before the concert start and stand up when Carlos enters.  Sit when he raises his baton.  Then follow the sit/stand schedule and Richard.  And above all:  relax, enjoy, smile, look at Carlos.  He is so right when he says to us that it is a priviledge to sing Messiah.  It is!
And finally:  thanks Kathryn for all you have done for the Choir.  Whoever takes over the front-of-house management will have a hard act to follow.  We are sorry to see you go, but wish you all the best.
See you on Saturday.