Bulletin 9th April 2021

Hello Choir,
Here is the bulletin for Friday, 9 April.

It was good to see more people joining yesterday.  From the bit of feedback I got yesterday around me I reckon that the Linde-led stretching exercises we did in the short break worked very well.  Do you agree?  Thank you, Linde.  Well done.

Homework:    Apart from going over the pieces we have already done in the two rehearsals, Carlos asks that we learn the two Russian works:  Rachmaninov’s ‘Bogoroditsye Dyevo’ and Taneyev’s “Evening’.

Choir register:    Again:  Please go to our website and from there to ‘Trybooking’ to register yourself as a choir member.  Your fees have been transferred from last year.  No paying, just recording your details.

QR Code:    It is a government requirement and it makes sense:  on arrival at rehearsals you have to register yourself on the Services NSW QR Code system.  It is easy to do and is the most efficient contact tracing tool.  If you are unable to do that, please find a ‘buddy’ who will take you on as a dependent.  All you have to do is give that buddy your mobile phone number.  If this is still too difficult, please talk to Margaret or Michael.

When leaving rehearsals, please check out off the system.  I heard Dr Kerry Chant talk about this:  not knowing when you were somewhere makes the work of the contact tracers so much more difficult.  And yes, we hope they don’t have to work on us!

Bunnings’ Wipes:    Bunnings Chatswood, through Joe, have donated a huge stack of wipes.  Thank you Joe and Bunnings!

Departing members:    Several people have indicated that they would return to rehearsal a few weeks later.  However, nine people have left the choir:

  • Helen Bate
  • Janneke Burton
  • Penelope Burton
  • Rose Hooppell
  • Heather King
  • Rhian Mirgis
  • David McCubbin
  • Deirdre Oliver
  • Mary Vinter

On your behalf, I have written to all of them to say we are sorry to see them go and wish them well.

New members:  A few of you have asked me whether we are accepting new members.  The answer is:  not now.  Let’s just wait and see how the next few weeks pan out in the way we adjust to the return to rehearsals and we will then re-assess this decision.  Having said that, we are always short of tenors and basses so if you know of one who wants to join, let us know.

Mosman Symphony Orchestra concert:  Here is a link to a concert of the Australian Brass Collective, held on Sunday, 11 April at 2.00 in the Mosman Art Gallery: www.trybooking.com/

That’s it.  Things are gradually returning to normal – do you remember Richard’s delightful blogs?  Click here to view one he posted one on our website this morning.