Bulletin for 20th June 2019




After polishing the Vivaldi at rehearsal Carlos asks that we continue to spend time at home reviewing these refinements and understanding the meaning of the words. He  asks we apply  all the dynamics we have noted in our scores, in particular the entrances ‘et in  terra pax ‘  and ‘bonae voluntatis’ in movement 2.  One person singing legato during these bars will negate the effect of the dynamics.

Next week we will work on the Pergolesi and the Bach. 


Just a reminder that the  parking area just inside the gates of CPPS is reserved for Carlos, Valerie and other invited guests.

Sydney inSpires

Some late news regarding the week long festival (6-14 July) is that John Rutter will participate in this celebration of Christian music. For registrations, go to sydneyinspires.com.

Naomi will return next week