Bulletin 12th November

Hello Choir,

Here is the bulletin for Friday, 12 November.

Plans to sing again:

The Management Committee met yesterday with the main item on our agenda:  when, where and how to resume rehearsals.  ‘Why’ was not an item discussed – we all now very well why!  As things are constantly changing, it is difficult to make definite decisions but for the moment the plan is to start rehearsals on Thursday, 27 January, hopefully at our usual venue – Collaroy Plateau Public School.

In order to plan the logistics of rehearsals resumption we need some information from you.  So with a return email could you please let me know:

  1. Do you intend do return to the Choir in 2022?
  2. Are you fully vaccinated?

ABC Classic Choir:

If you are a regular ABC Classic listener, you know about the Christmas virtual choir they are organising.  It was a good event last year.  Here is the link, in case you want to participate this year.


Stay dry.