Choir Membership

Choir Membership 

Manly Warringah Choir is a community choir.  The Choir is currently full.  New members, especially Tenors and Basses, will be considered in May 2019. and generally we welcome new members.  Prospective members are invited to sing with the Choir for a trial period of two to three weeks.  On conclusion of the trial period, the prospective member may, after discussion with the appropriate Voice Representative, apply to join the Choir as a full Member.

There are no formal auditions.  However, In order to maintain the Choir’s high standard of performance, we expect members to be able to follow a musical score and to be able to tune in to and hold the pitch of a note given by the conductor.

Rehearsals are held each Thursday evening at Collaroy Plateau Public School.  Members are expected to attend a minimum of two-thirds of rehearsals before each concert, in order to maintain the Choir’s high standard of performance.  Members who find themselves unable to attend a rehearsal, please let your Voice Representative or the Secretary know in advance.  A member who finds themselves unable to meet this requirement for a particular concert should in the first instance discuss their situation with their Voice Representative.

The Annual Membership Fee, payable in February each year, is $90.00, and for Pensioners (but not Seniors) $70.00.  In 2016 we started a system of paying through the Trybooking ticketing system.  If you would rather pay by cash or cheque, please see Richard Griffiths.  Click here to pay your 2019 Membership Fee through Trybooking.

Rehearsal costs are covered by a Weekly Fee of $8.00. Please note that members are asked to pay this fee for all rehearsals, whether or not they attend, as the same costs (professional fees, room hire etc) are incurred irrespective of numbers present.

Music Hire Fees are $10.00 per concert.

On joining the Choir, a member pays a Music Bond of $30.00, covering possible loss of or damage to hired music.  The Bond is refunded when the member leaves the Choir.

Voice Representatives for 2019 are:

  • Pam Lewis (Sopranos)
  • Judy Williams (Altos)
  • Joe Micali (Tenors)
  • Richard Griffiths (Basses)

And finally……..

We sincerely hope that you gain considerable enjoyment and satisfaction from singing with the Manly Warringah Choir.  If you have any queries or concerns, then please do not hesitate to speak to your Voice Representative or a member of the Committee.

Similarly, if you have suggestions for future programmes, or for ways of improving the Choir’s organisation, then please do say something, either to your Voice Representative or to any member of the Committee.