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The next concert will be held on Sunday November 20th at St John’s Church, Dee Why.  The programme comprises The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins.

Rehearsals are in the usual venue, the large hall at Collaroy Plateau  Public School, on Thursdays at 7.30pm and continue each Thursday until the concert.  Note that, contrary to recent practice, there will not be an extra rehearsal for the Choir in the week prior to the concert.

Rehearsal fees:  Rehearsal fees for the session from July to November are due now.  Please pay by direct credit or EFTPOS.

Rehearsal Aids.  These are available on the Choralia website and elsewhere.

Mitigating Covid Risks:  It will continue to be a priority of the Choir to maintain a Covid-safe environment for all members.  The Choir has a Covid Plan which each member will receive and will be expected to observe. Therefore there will be some changes in how rehearsals are conducted.  Click here to see the Choir’s current Covid Plan




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