Concert Dress and Etiquette

Women should wear a long black skirt (to the top of the shoe) or tailored black pants; a black top with three-quarter length sleeves; and black shoes and stockings.  Please keep any jewellery discreet.  If in doubt, please talk to Pam Lewis.

Men should wear black trousers; white long-sleeved shirt; black jacket; black bow tie; and black shoes and socks.

Members are requested to avoid using strong perfumes or aftershaves in respect for members who may have allergies.

For the performance, please be aware that choir members may be arranged differently from in rehearsal, so as to achieve best visual and choral effect.

Music is to be held in a black folder, which should be held under the arm closest to the audience when processing on and off the platform.  As the Choir takes up position, members should stand still and be silent.  Throughout the performance, members should smile and should take every opportunity to watch the conductor.