Choir in the time of Corona

While Choir activities were suspended, members kept in touch with each other in several ways.

Each Friday, Naomi compiled and distributed the Bulletin as usual, the content being different as we were not singing.  Naomi passed on items of interest including links to “at home” rehearsal websites (in lieu of the usual Homework!), music being streamed and broadcast and the like, and news of members.

Naomi also used the Bulletin to share experiences in a manner we often do not get time to do at the intermission on rehearsal nights.   The first had members describe their working lives (most of us are now retired), and the second had members describe books they enjoyed reading during lock-down.  Thirdly, Naomi invited members to write about musical experiences that that are happy to share.

Click here to read about members’ working lives.

Click here to read about the books which members read during lock-down – there are some really good recommendations.

Click here to read members’ gripping descriptions of special musical experiences.

Some members met in small informal groups, suitably distanced, of course.  Others were singing in virtual on-line choirs conducted by the likes of Eric Whitacre and Karl Jenkins.  A number of Choir members belong to an a cappella group, Cantiamo, whose videos of “Singing together whilst apart” can be found by clicking here.

In the very brief interval towards the end of 2020 when restrictions were relaxed, members of the Choir met for a suitably distanced social event at Manly Dam.  It reminded us of the joy of belonging to a community of people with a common aim, especially the aim of bringing the pleasure of music to a wider audience.

And for a few weeks in April and May 2021 we began rehearsing for a concert based on Fauré’s delightful Requiem, sadly short-lived until another lockdown.