Mozart Requiem – note perfect

We expect that everyone who needs a practice CD has by now obtained one from John Kibby. In addition John has kindly prepared these MIDI files – click or copy from below.

1b Kyrie MW

8 Domine Jesu MW

11 Benedictus Hos. MW

12b Agnus Dei Cum Sanc. MW

John’s advice is

these MIDI files might be useful if you wish to practice some of the faster movements at a slower tempo than suggested.

MIDI files can be played on iTunes or Windows Media Player, but modifications can’t be made.  To vary the tempo or highlight  your voice part, you will need a specific MIDI player.  Two free downloads are Sweet MIDI Player or vanBasco’s Karaoke Player.

The Sweet MIDI Player is a bit more flexible but with either you can vary the volume of any part, change the tempo etc. Just download the relevant MIDI and open it with your player.  The four MIDIs have been modified so that Channel 1 = Soprano, Ch 2 = Alto etc.

If you want other movements, try for your specific voice parts, but without instruments accompanying.