A brace of Kawai pianos

Our mid-year classical concert, Carmina Burana, calls for two grand pianos.  There is already one excellent Kawai grand in the chapel at Manly, which is kindly loaned to us by the Manly Music Club, but where to find a second?
We investigated a number of avenues before Naomi asked her piano teacher if she had any ideas, and she suggested a call direct to Kawai.  Sure enough, the good people at Kawai very generously agreed to provide a piano for the concert, and Kawai become our kind sponsor for the event.
We will still be looking after the delivery and tuning (a job for the professionals).  For those who asked, the removalists tell us we may have to take the legs off to get it through the chapel doors, but apparently thats quite standard procedure.
I don’t know of an official collective noun for Kawai pianos, but since there will be a pair of these beautiful instruments I thought we could use the term for a pair of exquisite game birds – a brace of Kawai grand pianos.
ps  (11 June) I have been told on good authority that generally the collective noun for pianos is “a tinkling of pianos”.  Its also been suggested that specifically for Kawai pianos its “a splendour of Kawais”.  Of course you can let me know if you have different ideas …
pps (12 June) I have been directed to a new work by Karl Jenkins (2010) called a Parliament of Owls which is a celebration of collective nouns based on poems by Carol Barratt.  The poems include ‘a piteousness of doves’ and ‘an ostentation of peacocks’ but no more suggestions for a cacophony of ivories.

yin yang pianos

ppps more suggestions (12 June) As our pianos merge in perfect harmony they will become a yin-yang of Kawais.  A more prosiac suggestion from one of our members likens piano playing to a contact sport (yes, I had problems with that too) which might suggest a maul of pianos (Rugby Union of course).  And for those that doubt my cacophany of ivories, all I can say is that you have not heard me play.  Enough, perhaps.  Lets all look forward to the concert.


Carmina Burana
2.00pm on Sunday 7th August
Cardinal Ceretti Chapel, Manly
followed by Afternoon Tea on the Terrace

Click here for Carmina Burana tickets

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