“So uplifting!  What a wonderful way to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon!”

“Quite the most engaging Messiah I have heard in 70 years!”

“Such a great performance!  And without the hassle of going to the City!”

These comments are representative of the feedback we have received from members of the audience at last weekend’s performances of Messiah.  It’s great to have taken part in concerts where the audience reaction is so positive.  It reflects very well on ourselves as a Choir, on the soloists, on the orchestra, and of course on the guy who pulls all the strands together, our conductor, Carlos.

So, many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success.  To Bryony, Anna, Pascal and Alexander, who captivated the audience with their powerful yet sensitive solo singing.  To Alexandra, for leading the orchestra which played so well, and to Anthony for his fabulous trumpet solo.  To Carlos, for sharing his vision of the words and music with performers and audience alike, making for an intense musical experience.  Thank you all.

And thanks too to the many unsung heroes of the Choir, who, together with many friends and family members, worked behind the scenes to ensure that the performances went off without a hitch.  Your efforts are much appreciated.

Now it’s over, we can relax in the run up to Christmas.  Hallelujah!