At last!

Wasn’t it great to sing through the whole of the Requiem last night?

It always sends a chill down my spine when we finally get everything sufficiently together for Carlos to have us sing through the entire work, even if, as last night, we did not start at the beginning.  It makes you realise what a great piece of music we have the privilege of singing.   It emphasizes our good fortune at singing it under a conductor with such a deep understanding of the music, and what’s more, the willingness and ability to share his musicality with us Choir members.

Carlos’ enthusing last night about the meaning of the words behind the music made me  check out the libretto again.  It’s stern stuff in places – Day of wrath, day of anger will dissolve the world in ashes. It’s triumphant at times – The trumpet will send its wondrous sound and gather all before the throne.  At many points in the score there is pleading – Lord have mercy on us; Grant them eternal rest O Lord.  And, as Carlos says, the music reflects and colours the words at every turn.

It’s good to know that we have a few more weeks to polish the corners which may be a bit rough at present.  And if we do that well, this will be yet another concert which will send the audience home inspired by the music and impressed by our musicianship.