A passion for the music

Last night’s rehearsal was all about passion in music.  Not just about notes, but about communicating the essence and meaning of the music to our audience.

Carlos took no prisoners from either soloists or choir.  He worked us harder than usual, ensuring that we sang the words and not just the notes, putting feeling and passion into this dramatic music, which is all about those most human of experiences:  the loss of a loved one, and eventually our own mortality.  It is not something which can be dealt with apathetically: the combination of words and music demand to be treated with the respect, passion and cherishing which Carlos dealt out in equal measure.  Taking up his cue and singing in response to his direction, left us with a great sense of a job well done, and made at least this chorister return home to not only the usual quiet drink but also then an unaccustomed long night’s sleep.

Naomi has captured Carlos’ remarks very neatly in this week’s Bulletin:

  • “Be confident”
  • “Concentrate”
  • “Make music”
  • “Get into the spirit of the music”
  • “Create something beautiful”
  • “Look at me”

If we follow Carlos’ words, and match his passion for this incomparable music with our own, we will indeed treat our audience to another memorable performance.