Ready, steady, go!

Well – here we are, ready for the concert.  All we have to do now is to turn up on Sunday and sing our hearts out.  if we do just that, then the audience will have a wonderful time hearing some delightful music in inspirational surroundings.  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

It’s been a funny concert to rehearse for.  Much of the music is so different from the works we usually sing.  Some unaccustomed harmonies, some weird rhythms, and some unusual languages created a potent mix of fear and doubt in our minds at the start of the session.  But it is fair to say that we have overcome all the obstacles, and are now capable of giving good performances of all four suites and the two songs.

Credit is due to everyone in the Choir for moving outside our comfort zone into these new styles.  And credit is due to Carlos too, for his patience in teaching and inspiring us, and to Valerie for her masterfully supportive accompaniment.

Will it be a funny concert in which to sing?  I think it will be a fantastic experience.  rehearsals over the past two evenings show that the acoustic of the Chapel suits the suites and songs so well that in one sense they will sing themselves.  A balance of alertness to Carlos and relaxation into the mood of the music will no doubt wow the audience.  Which is great, because that is what we are there to do.

And for those of us who feel “sung out” after these two rehearsals, don’t worry.  On Sunday, Carlos can ask us to sing the music only once!