Together at last!

Wasn’t it good to sing all the choruses in Messiah last night?  After weeks of working on the detail of each one, seemingly at times in isolation, at last it all began to come together.  Next week the soloists join us, then then the orchestra.  At this point the music will be complete; in all its majesty, beauty and glory.  What a privilege to sing such wonderful music under such an inspirational director as Carlos!

Last night there were some really good signs.  The altos set us off with their first entry in warm, velvety tones.  The Sopranos sang the long runs with clarity and direction.  The Tenors managed some very difficult, angular lines in the midst of more melodic sections with aplomb.  And far be it for me to comment on my colleagues, the Basses, but I thought we gave a firm foundation to the rest of the Choir.

We are about to give two memorable performances of one of the repertoire’s most famous oratorios.  We in the Choir, the soloists, members of the orchestra, directed by Carlos will no doubt do the music justice.  So all we have to do now is to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from our efforts putting up more posters and by persuading our friends and family members to fill the remaining empty seats.  Let’s aim for two completely full houses!