Modern times

I am rather old-fashioned and a bit of a Luddite, so social media is a bit of a mystery to me – what Facebook and Twitter and the like do and why we need them.  But you can’t escape the phenomenon in this day and age, especially when someone as exalted as the President of the United States (POTUS) uses Twitter as his preferred method of communication.

As I was trying to get off to sleep last night – always difficult after a really good rehearsal – an idea came to mind.  Here is a Tweet from an XPOTMWC (I am sure you can work that out!)

“BRILLIANT rehearsal last night!  FABULOUS singing from all, especially top noted sopranos!  INSPIRATIONAL conductor on TOP FORM!  This is Haydn’s VERY BEST music!  This concert will be a SELLOUT!  MWC is the GREATEST community choir EVER!”

BTW, don’t forget that booking opens next Monday.  Get in early to buy your tickets, just in case the XPOTMWC is right about the concert being a sellout!