It’s that time again

The start of this week is an interesting period.  For just a few days, we MWC choristers can bask in the reflected glory of the recent concert, whilst also eagerly anticipating the start of rehearsals for the next concert.  It will not be long before the recent concert is past history, and the focus is very firmly on Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor.

My first judgement on any concert is how it sounds from my position in the middle of the front row.  It seemed that we had not committed any major errors.  So far, so good.  But it was also evident that there were a lot of terrific entries, bang on time and bang in tune, demanding the attention of the audience and heightening the spiritual charge of the music.

Secondly, Carlos declared it yet another fantastic concert by his favourite choir.  It is always good to have a satisfied conductor.

Then over drinks and nibbles so many audience members said that they enjoyed the concert immensely; that Bridget played exquisitely; that the Choir sang as well as ever, and that the soloists and the orchestra were an excellent match for the Choir.

So — it seems to have been a success from many points of view, and our warm glow of pride in a job well done is indeed justified.

And now — the Mozart Great Mass in C minor.  Another wonderfully inspiring piece of music.  It will be a privilege for us to sing this great music, especially under Carlos’ demanding yet appreciative direction.

Roll on Thursday!!