It is hard to believe that next week marks the resumption of MW Choir activities after a seemingly interminable break.  How do you capture the anticipation of the time?  The best word I can think of is “Hallelujah!”

There is so much to look forward to.  Firstly, we can catch up with friends and colleagues of long standing, sharing experiences of lockdown and beyond and enjoying each others’ support.

Then there is the job of making one’s own voice work again after its enforced layoff.  This may be easy for some and more difficult for others.  Perhaps as we get back into shape there will be a spin-off effect giving us all a boost in ability and confidence.

Singing is about joining with other voices to produce beautiful music together.  It is wonderful to think that we have the opportunity to re-create today the sounds which very gifted composers imagined many years ago and which have somehow stood the test of time.

Underpinning all our vocal efforts is Valerie’s supportive accompaniment, without which we would be all at sea, and which itself is often a delight to hear.

For many of us the highlight of rehearsals is listening to Carlos describe the nature of the music and how it should be sung.  Sharing in his understanding of the music is a rare privilege for us Choir members and an essential ingredient to delivering convincing performances for our faithful audiences.

There is so much to look forward to.  Hallelujah indeed!