We’ve got a luverly bunch of soloists

I do not know what it was that reminded me of the original song about coconuts last night at rehearsal, but at the end of the soloists’ rehearsal the phrase just came to mind.  They had sung beautifully individually, and, what is more, had blended extraordinarily well when singing together, which is not an easy task for four singers coming together for the first time.  Anita, Naomi, Ryan and Hayden are a great combination.

We in the Choir  think we have some difficult runs to sing in the Magnificat, but they are nothing as compared to what Bach asks of the soloists. Every solo piece – well this is Bach – has long, angular runs, often with little opportunity to take a breath. Perhaps the most notable examples are those in Deposuit potentes, which are not only tricky but also sung at great speed, as demonstrated so ably by Ryan O’Donnell.  And to think that we have the delightful Anna Yun to add to the mix next week!  What a line-up!

And we did not give too bad an account of ourselves in the Choir, certainly with the Bach Magnificat and the Handel Coronation Anthems.  The carols could certainly do with some polishing, but no doubt with some revision at home and two rehearsals next week, will be up to scratch on the night.

The audiences will be in for a real treat next weekend.  And we in the Choir should enjoy ourselves too!