It’s that time of year

It’s that time of year again.  The purple haze of the jacarandas is becoming gradually less intense as the blooms fade and fall; the lorikeets are wheezing asthmatically as they get together for another round of procreation; the sounds and smells of summer barbecues saturate the evening air.  And for Choir members, another season of singing is over.  Over the next few weeks, our families will be able to enjoy our company on Thursday evenings, rather than just sitting watching TV while we are rehearsing at CPPS.  Anne says she is particularly looking forward to that as Thursday night’s schedules are the worst of the week – she wonders if this is a conspiracy on the part of the networks!

And we Choir members can also justifiably bask in the afterglow of another year’s series of enjoyable and successful concerts.

This last pair of concerts seemed to go rather well, coming as a great relief after the last few rehearsals, which had been not a little fractious.

The Sunday performance in particular was fabulous, with everyone immersed in the music, singing confidently and fluently.  We should not have been surprised that the audience responded with very generous applause and some most complimentary comments over drinks and nibbles on the terrace afterwards.

My favourite comment came from one of  the new members of the orchestra.  I overheard her say to someone else, “What a great afternoon!  I had no idea that community choirs could sing as well as this!”

It’s a great feeling to have been part of it all.  Like most Choir members, I can’t wait for it all to start again next year.